Sunday, 12 December 2010

Day 254. So what's happened this week?

Well, counselling ended on Friday and while there is a bit of sadness surrounding the end (of what has been a life changing twelve hours) most of it was upbeat and positive.
I haven't found the inner strength I was searching for, just yet. However I have discovered a couple of things that might shorten that search. firstly, I stopped being too self-critical awhile back but since then have chosen a far too forgiving attitude to my lack of effort. So while I won't be going back to the negativity of the past I will adopt a more mentally stern approach to my, more than occasional lack of effort. Secondly, positive affirmations. This has been something I really haven't worked on enough. So I've spent abit of time reading up on this today and will make a start on things as soon as I'm finished here.
Onwards and upwards.

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