Monday, 27 December 2010

Day 269. Cook books and other presents.

Well, I hope you had a good Christmas. I did. Lots of driving to and fro and a little on the quite side. Which I kind of expected, being my first Christmas on my own.
Christmas dinner with my old mum . Tea with my, what shall I call her? girlfriend? partner? Miss Good-for-me. Which I shall shorten to MissG. Presents in the main where Cook Books. Now considering I haven't really started to invite people round yet, I think it's a hint to start to. Rather than a criticism of my current culinary skills. Miss G also included a book on cycle rides around South West London, now that is a pointed hint at getting off my fat behind and shaping up. Obviously my encyclopedia like mind and quick wit aren't enough for her and she wants something with a little more stamina and a silhouette which can pass through a doorway without having to turn sideways.
Today I am in an "in-between mood", in between doing something positive and staying stuck to the sofa. So for the moment I shall end here and let you know what happens later.
Well the good news is I did get on with some work. So the day has been successful. Just before I finish, it's coming up to New Years and I'm going to make a couple of resolutions. I've given this some thought and chosen something from the past, something I've never made an effort at and something intangible. From the past? French. I'm going to make a really big effort to be able to understand and be understood. Something I've never bothered with? learn to cook. I can get by but it would be nice to have a little flair and be able to produce nice simple tasty food (I've got the books now lol). Intangible? control my moods and not let them control me.
Time to sleep. Onwards and upwards :-)

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