Thursday, 9 February 2012

Being Stupid.

   I drove 50 miles yesterday to my job only to find I didn't have the key. So I drove 50 miles back home to get it and still couldn't find it. When I searched my bag on the front seat again I found it. 100 miles and 2 hours wasted. Or is it.
   Another nudge from whoever's looking out for me to check and double check things before I jump. I'm trying really hard not to get annoyed with myself over my stupidity which will serve no useful purpose but instead make it a marker. Something that in the future will save me hours of time, anguish and petrol. I made up some of the time and the key is somewhere safe ready for tomorrow.
   My date was fun. I'm really nosy, so asked lots of questions which made her a tad defensive but things  thawed out as the evening went on. No more dates on school nights though. Must put work first for a while at least.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment and happyness :-)        


  1. hmmm, forgetting keys, forgetting parts... driving back and forth... I've done that before too. Thankfully neither of us do that everyday... phew!

  2. I call it a brain fart.
    And my little brain is quite flatulent at times.

    I'm glad you're not beating yourself up over it, that you handled it and went on with life.

    And the whole dating thing? THAT would scare me to death. If anything ever happens to my husband, I already know I will be alone for the rest of my life.

  3. I have brought my laptop home from work the night before only to walk out without it in the morning, get to work and discover my mistake. i have turn around and come home to get it.

    As for dating, I don't know. I just downloaded a Understanding Men book on the Kindle. Maybe it will help me :) I have a date with an ex on Friday and honestly, I am ambivalent about it.

  4. Snap Jen, I brought an Ebook when I first split with MissG last August. I'll admit it was a big help. Maybe not in the way it was meant though lol