Friday, 3 February 2012

A busy week at the bottom of the mountain

   It's been a busy week. I had hoped to wrap up a couple of loose ends and then start a new job on Wednesday. It hasn't gone according to plan but I guess being able to adapt is a key skill in overcoming hurdles.
   I'm making a real effort to just stick in the moment and not let my mind wander too much. Again it's not going to plan but I'm reining myself in and getting it bit by bit.
   The one cloud that does follow me is the knowledge that just to get to break even point in all areas is going to take an age. That's defeatist though isn't it. Every smile, every laugh, every pound/dollar is a step closer and deserves to be thought about and appreciated far more as it happens. Fuck the cloud.
   There isn't an unconquered mountain left in this World of ours. So I'll follow in the foot steps of those that conquered them.
   Thanks Pixie and Med :-)

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment and happyness :-)


  1. Nice to see you are still....Spannering. :-) P

  2. Dear Spanner,

    Would you mind if I linked your blog in mine, as I want to share that article, and talk Pixie rubbish about it?

    Pixie :-)

  3. Thk you Pixie and with regard to linking, would be an honour :-)

  4. There is no f*****g way you are getting me up that mountain... look at the drop either side! Tell you what, you go up the mountain and I'll look after your cloud. Deal?