Saturday, 4 February 2012

Random thoughts

I've swapped a few messages with Med since my last post and it seems we're both approaching things from a very similar direction. It's definately a more reassurring journey when you're sharing it. Particulary with someone who can come up with soluctions as well.

   While I promised myself not to think too much and focus on staying in the moment a couple of things did float by. So in no particular order. I remember as a kid, walking to school with a mate and saying,
"We're gonna be late,"
"What time is it then?"
"Ten to,"
"Then we're not late."
"But we won't get there in ten minutes."
"So lets worry about it when we're late then."
If only I'd learnt the lesson of living in the moment then :-)

   Pills, didn't make me better. They just gave me the space to get better. Which on reflection, I didn't do as much as I could of done. Like a bandage keeps a cut clean, so the body can work it's magic. The pills took the edge off the despair and I should of used that time to sort things out a little better than I did. To be fair to me, the Doc could of given me a bit more of a heads up at the time but then aren't I lucky to live somewhere where health care is free. So I'm nit-picking and I am where I am.

  My recent sojourn on the web to all things positive and looking at things from a different prospective. A positive prospective has seen a big leap forward.

  Nothing startling there, just some thoughts. I'm making no claim to having beaten anything either. I do feel however that I'm more knowledgeable than at anytime in the last few years. Enjoy your weekend.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment and happyness :-) 


  1. Go spanner... right with you buddy. Being in the moment... absolutely beautiful although spectacularly impractical! We'll keep writing and learning and figure a way to make it work... even if it means buying one way tickets out of this country. Stay busy. Hope you have a good weekend too. Med

  2. I think you said something important.. that you FEEL more knowledgeable. How you feel makes such a difference in how you ARE.
    I hope you have a great day.