Sunday, 29 January 2012

Several things I do like

   Jelly babies, donuts, cooking, flirting and detective novels. A smile. Laughter Well that's about it. Nah just teasing there's a whole lot more.
   I like politeness, it's free. Straight talking. Sunbeams poking through the clouds. Eccentric dresser's. The WWW (will there ever be a way to calculate how useful it's been). Hats. Cats and dogs. Cheese on crackers. Clever people. The help I've recieved from others.  Generally and particularly over the last couple of years (thank you) and self help.
   Now self help has never been on the list either in print or thought. So it makes it's first outing today. I'm not blowing my own trumpet here. This blogs for me, first and foremost. My willingness to say it publicly is a huge step for me.
   I wouldn't think twice if Meryl Streep said she knew she was a good actress or Bob Dylan saying he wasn't bad at stringing a few words together to a tune (although he'd be pushing it if he said he had a good voice) but I've always had a problem with admitting good things publicly. I'm not alone in this. Lets be honest, most of us just accept the things we're good at. Without a thought, as to the effort we may have put in over the years acquiring that skill and because we find it a bit grating if someone keeps on telling us how wonderful they are. We tend to keep our own skills and successes quite.
   And there's the paradox. Here we all are telling each other about our fight against the blues. Which will end in triumph or a defeat of sorts. Hopefully the former but we dismiss the little wins along that journey. With things like "feel much better today" "finally got that done". No mention of the effort you or I have been putting in to achieving that. Well just stop a minute and recognize what you do, do. Revel in that for a moment. Celebrate a la Usain Bolt in the safety of your room. Job done, another stone to step up on to look down at your foe.

   And finally do you think the old bird in the picture has got a really small head or are they just really big glasses?    

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment and happyness :-)


  1. Have you decided you will not blog until somebody answers your question? OK, she has a small head.

    Hope all is well.

  2. I always tend to discount the things I'm good at with a quick "anybody can do that." I always have to stop and remind myself that that's not necessarily true.