Monday, 2 January 2012

Things you have no control of.

  Like MissG. If you read my last post, you'll remember she agreed to stop texting. Unless there was a life, death or plumbing emergency (which I'm lead to believe is almost the same thing). Well she managed to go fifteen hours. She texted me about a new book she's found on her Kindle "Authentic Happiness" by Seligman, here's a link It's an interesting site.
 So this time I rang her back and explained again why I needed the texting to stop and once again she said she missed my company and talking to me. Well I miss her company too but I'm not ready yet to move on to just a friendship. I am aware though that I'm 50 percent of this ex relationship and to be fair to someone I care about, I guess I have to allow her to work it through her way too but I would prefer the texts stopped and then I'd know it's finished.
  While on the subject of things you have no control of. I went to watch Fulham play Arsenal yesterday. Seeing as we were beaten 5 nil the last time I went it didn't look promising but that's part of the joy/pain thing with supporting Fulham. Well they won, scoring the winning goal in the last minute. Now while I know most of you rank sport next to going to the dentist. The whole thing of not giving in and fighting on, is pretty inspiring.
  There's plenty of the day left for me to go and do something useful and positive. Smile maniacally at complete strangers springs to mind and should throw up some more content for another post! Until then.

Onwards and upwards in pursuit of happyness :-)


  1. Well, if you really don't want her to text you, and can't stop her, there is the option of deleting them unread.

    I am definitely not a sporty person, don't care about the outcome of any sporting events, but I get a kick out of how much fun other people seem to have with it.

  2. Trouble is Aims, I did want the contact, it was something I didn't want to loose but in the end it kind of worked out not the way I wanted though :-(