Monday, 9 January 2012

Following on from yesterday.

  It's an important week for me. I have a full week of work and a good cheque at the end if I complete everything. So focusing on work this week is essential but seriously difficult for me. I find it all too easy to get side tracked.
  Which is why today's post is linked to yesterdays. Seeing yesterdays dancers from a different view point and realizing the obvious has made me think a little (a dangerous pursuit). 
  I've also done a couple of the questionnaires on the "Authentic Happiness" site. The results have been a little surprising. Things I thought I was  strong on I appear not to be and weaknesses are apparently the opposite!
  I need to see if I can gain a different view point of me! After a bit of a surf, hey presto, I found some interesting stuff. One guy had written a couple of hundred words on how he'ed found a way out of it. Then added a month later that it didn't work. I did laugh but fair play to him, he could have deleted it or just left it as it was and we'ed be none the wiser. Then I found this.

  "and if this is everything to me, then why the hell haven't I been doing more?" There is a perfectly good reason to avoid the thing that means everything to you - In fact, avoidance of the thing which has meaning and power for you is the most understandable and normal thing I can think of - You're avoiding the thing that's holding all your dreams? Good grief ! Of course you are ! That symbolic weight ? it's that much potential for hurt and disappointment. 

  BAMMMMM that got me. Pretty simple really and written by a nice 20 something with electric blue hair. Sometimes it's good to know why you do or don't do something and not what cures it. If I apply the above statement to a number of events over the last ten years it fits perfectly. Don't you just hate smart arsed 20 year old's. Still her hair is seriously dodgy so there is a God.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :-)


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