Sunday, 8 January 2012


  Late this morning I set off for my date with a mate at the Tango. The mate happened to be the customer who whisked me to Brighton (Spanner goes to the Seaside 23rd Dec) I'm not sure of her motives but I'm rather keen on getting out at the moment so I don't care however if it puts your mind at rest, I'm a good girl who doesn't stay out late and won't be taken advantage of. Now lets get back to the story.
  I packed a book and iPod for the train journey and as the train pulled out of the station I had the iPod on and fired up and my book open at the right page. If only I'd remembered to get on the train it would of been the perfect start. I managed to get to the meeting point ahead of customer/mate. She arrived a few minutes later, maybe she forgot to get on two trains? We stopped for a coffee, which I think is now law. You cannot leave a station without a cardboard cup of froth in your hand.
  Once inside the SouthBank we found the venue and a couple of free seats, then a couple more, then a couple more and finally a couple more. If you're female and you read my blog. Can you please tell me what the chair hopping thing is all about? Because I can guarantee to anybody out there who cares to listen, that the first words your female guest will utter to you when the show gets under way is,
  "We should of stayed in those ones over there." 
  We ? like I had a choice !!!!!!!
  So as the band tune up, this very nice couple invite the masses down to the lower area of the foyer to learn the Tango basics. Within minutes there's at least a hundred and fifty people moving backwards four steps then one to the side. A mixture of people who can and people who can't all roughly going the same way. This was followed by a demonstration from a professional couple. Which I have to say was breathtaking.
  Customer/mate and I sneaked off to get something to eat then a short walk along the river up to the Globe Theatre and back.
  Once inside and again having done the mating chair dance thing and found almost the right place to sit. We watch the club dancers go through their paces. Now this is where it gets interesting for me. Customer/mate and I are on a slightly higher level than the dancers so we are looking down on them. As they glide by I notice that although they have the moves right, their faces are expressionless. All the effort has robbed them of the enjoyment of it. It's a bit like my life, trying to be better but not enjoying the journey. Which I must endeavour to do. Otherwise I'll arrive and it will be too late to enjoy it. Now I've mentioned living in the moment before but to see hundreds of people doing something they love but not loving it, just brought it home to me. So if you were travelling north on the Piccadilly line at around five o'clock and sat next to a middle aged man with a manic smile then we've met and I apologize if I scared your kids.

PS someone asked if that was a picture of Customer/mate and me. Sadly I have to say it isn't, I don't look that good in a dress.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :-)

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