Thursday, 5 January 2012

Normal service will be resumed.

  I'm sorry you've had to endure my whining on about my tortured love life, these last two or three post. :-)
I shall now return to the irrelevant and all things stupid ..............
  I pointed you in the direction of the "Authentic Happiness" site the other day and I've been having a look myself and found an article about persistence. Now while I'm persistent in some areas of my life I'm not when it comes to work. So I thought time to do some reading. One thing that caught my eye was the following.
  "Begin using a time management aid of some sort (a palm pilot, a daily planner, etc). Find a system that works and actually use it."
   I've tried planners and pads to make notes on and they haven't been that successful. Now I need to think big. I want something that's got a pretty good record in time management and won't let me down. 
  So I'm going to email N.A.S.A. they're a little quiet at the moment, they have huge resources and they managed to get Tom Hanks back from the Moon. So getting a piss poor London Plumber back on his feet should be easy peasy to the ladies and gentlemen at Houston. 
  Can you imagine. You hear that loud bleep and a crew cut from across the pond says,

OK Spanner time to connect the er waste pipe zzzz (static noise) zzzzzzz to the wall outlet. Copy."
" Yeah copy that Whoston. I'm just finishing me tea, be right with you."
" Right, err we have a critical time factor interface hear Spanner, so it you coul....."
"OK mate, I'm all yours."
  Wouldn't that be brilliant. They could also help with my website too.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :-)


  1. You whine all you like, Spanner. That's what it is all about, isn't it?

    P :-)