Friday, 6 January 2012

My Friday !

  Well I was back at Carmen Miranda's today. Even though she is sooooo old she flirts outrageously. God better keep his knees locked together when she pops her clogs, otherwise there'll be trouble. I told her I'm going to a Tango thing at the Southbank on Sunday and did they dance the Tango back in Col-lum-bee-ia?
"Hoe yesssss, day luv da Tango in Col-lum-bee-ia. It is I walking class dance, not for nice lay dees. It is very sexy dance."
  I do enjoy her company. She has good coffee but awful biscuits.
"I sooo sorry abbout der biscuits. My girls say, mummy don't buy nice biscuits cos we eat them and get fat. So I don't."
  From there a quick call in to a new customer in North London. No cold water in the bathroom. As it was a flat, the water tanks are on the roof. So through the hatch I went. five floors up and no barriers just a straight drop down to the street. Wonderful views though. As I suspected the ball valve was stuck, so once I'd moved it everything was fine. Carefully lowered myself back through the hatch and rejoined client who had made tea and had a little box of chocolate kit-kats as a reward ( please take note Carmen!). Turns out she makes bespoke furniture costing thousands. So the next twenty minutes was taken up with moans about difficult clients and headaches about what to charge. Then a look at pictures of her work and another kit-kat before we said our goodbyes and I headed further North in my rusting chariot.
  Overal it's been a good week. NASA have yet to reply to my email but I guess they have enough of their own gormless plumbers to deal with.

  Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happy :-)

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