Monday, 16 January 2012

My weekend.

  On Saturday I went over to Canary Wharf to see the Ice Sculptures with MissG (as friends) I think you'll agree I didn't do bad for a first attempt.
  From there we went to Borough Market by London Bridge. It's been a traditional fruit and veg market for hundreds of years. Now it's a bit of a Foodie Gourmets heaven. I'd like to go back to the market, as we didn't see as much as there was on offer.
  We said our goodbyes and as per normal this lead to a flurry of texts. Why she can't say how she feels when she's in my company I'll never know. It's frustrating but more importantly upsetting for me but I think we've got to the end. Well I finally have.
  Yesterday along with a friend I went to see "The Artist" a silent film in black and white. How they managed to raise the money for that I'll never know but it's absolutely brilliant.
  The rumblings I mentioned on my last post continue, the MissG thing has kind of added to and aggravated it. The blogs almost two years old now. I've been separated almost two years too. So is it just a case of me coming out of the adjusting/grieving/finding myself period? Its feels like that. It would make a huge difference to my well being to know these two years have been an adjustment and my blues are just those of any normal person going through difficult times financially and emotionally. I have to say at this point that I got myself here. All the financial mess. The heartbreak (although it's good to know the heart works and I'll try to bump into someone that treats it a little better) so don't feel sorry for me.
   I'm really sorry there's a real lack of laughs. I shall make a concerted attempt to step off the path and find the daft and ludicrous in future posts.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :-)


  1. But your blog is a place to say what you think and how you feel, and if it takes a long time to get where you want to be, well, that's okay.

    I am glad you're feeling better, though.

  2. Thanks Aims, I'm really trying to think and write in a positive (and funny) way. Recently the blogs felt a bit woeful. I feel if I can focus more on the things happening around me and refrain from looking inward it will pay dividends.
    I read enough blogs where people are only focusing inward either through the seriousness of their condition or self pity. I'm bothered I may be a member of the second club.
    I don't want to sound trumpets and bang drums just yet but I think I'm ready to start being self reliant and not just looking the part :-)