Thursday, 26 January 2012

Several things I don't like.

   There are several things I'm not keen on. Jellied ells and chocolate liqueurs spring to mind. Fat on the edge of my bacon or any piece of meat for that matter also goes on my mental errrr list. The words "ponder", sounds like you are going to sit on whatever you're pondering and take an age to deal with it and "green with envy", more to do with the person who used to say it repeatedly, and not so much the words but unfortunately the damage is done there too.These are however minor things and easy for me to avoid.
   What of the dislikes that are not? Other peoples pain for instance. Some of my reading matter says, to try and avoid the negative as it can bring you down and you should align yourself to the positive. This makes sound sense but what of those around me and their pain. Am I to abandon them to preserve my own delicate well being? I cannot. If my moods are destined to stay, as I cannot leave my poorly friends, then so be it. If you were all to cheer up, mind. Maybe we could shift forward a little ?
   One thing I remember from way back is, "don't say. Do!".  I'll do that tomorrow, I'll ring him this afternoon. It never happens. Now I can't say I don't do it but I do try and avoid it. As I know to my cost that there are more  do's in my baggage than dones. So I'm giving a very wide birth around the DO word at the moment. However I can report the staying focused and being devoid of any running thoughts is progressing nicely. If I slip and find myself thinking then my penance is an immediate 20 push-ups. If my mind continues to wander by the summer (and feeling that I might like to start dating again). I should have a fine pair of biceps and a good shoulder line to fill out a tee shirt :-)
Bugger I'm thinking again .......

   Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfilment and happyness :-)

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