Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Other ephemera.

   Today was my, try out your "self control" day. I've got stuck into my paperwork. Which is in a mess and way behind. It's so behind my bank statement are on parchment and my petrol receipts don't look like mortgage repayments. I'm easily swayed from what I should be doing ( I didn't have a teacher like Aims, to keep me focused) and as I was going through all the receipts and other ephemera I came across some birthday cards from my daughters and MissG. I have to say it wasn't the most productive twenty minutes of my day. Which is when "self control's" mate "fortitude" was called in to carry me forward and away from the temptation of melancholy.
   I do hope that my two new associates SC and Forty, have done their homework, have read their job descriptions and hit the floor running. I very much want a productive period. It's long overdue and will keep me away from wistful thoughts of what may have been.
   I have no doubts for the future. It will be full and predominantly happy (thank you in advance, Forty) the Sun will rise in the east and Fulham will continue to surprise me as little else can.
   It has been a good day. I go to sleep knowing a little more that I did and happier than I was. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. To the challenge of being a bit better than I was today.

   Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :-) 


  1. Blimey you are made of strong stuff.

  2. You are such a positive Spanner. It's nice to see.

    :-) P

  3. Thks Pixie, but there are gaps in other areas that need working on.