Wednesday, 25 January 2012

That doesn't work, this might.

     As I make headway through the paper mountain. It's becoming apparent that certain little devices to keep me focused and on the straight and narrow just don't work.
     The obvious one, "guilt" certainly doesn't but it is often the choice of those in command from Dictators through parents, teachers, cops (well it comes with the job for them) and the little monster that lives in your head.
     The clever sound bites of  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Socrates and Churchill etc whilst good reading only stay with me as long as a Chinese meal. My own well thought out, inspiring quote "you stupid lazy b@rst@rd" seems to cover most eventualities and please don't fret about it's negative overtones. Some of us need encouragement and some a smack over the head with a flat stick. I line up in the latter group.
     "To do" lists. I so wish these would work for me but alas they don't. Or at least in their present form they don't.
     BBC Radio 4 and it's sister Radio4extra keeps me company, as I busy myself unblocking yet another toilet or change a set of taps. Fails too, I'm afraid. It's not the quality of programming that lets them down. It's the exact opposite, something interesting is happening and I'm drawn to the little shiny box rather like an ancient mariner to a sea siren.
     As I'm further away from work since my move. I've taken to listening to music on my ipod, as I drive in and certain tunes do lift me so I think I'm going to have to create a couple of play lists. To get me on track haha.
     The one thing that does work is, not thinking. If I switch off and just "do". Things get done. Problem sorted then, umm! not really. You see I love thinking. I could, well actually I do, think for England. When the nation sleeps I'm there thinking away. During those dark hours no illegal foreign thoughts will slip across our shores unnoticed. They will all have to pass through me.
     So what to do? I mentioned before, my goggle searches have taken me to some strange and wonderful places recently. It's been the cyber equivalent of finding unknown tribes of headhunters in the deepest jungles or a pirates long lost treasure trove. So I jovially typed in "how to stop thinking too much" expecting a search engines version of a dead end. Oh no, Google found 207,000,000 results for me in .28 seconds (don't we all hate a show off ?) well half a dozen would have been enough really, given the subject matter!
    As I discard unwanted bits of paper I shall add guilt, inspirational quotes and the radio to the pile. I'll hang on to "to do" lists for the moment and dance on unthinking into my day with Florence and the Machines "the dog days are over" playing in the back ground.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of fulfillment and happyness :-)))


  1. Spanner! I lost your url.... I found you again. Hurray.

    I live by my iPod. I have music on it, and some really brilliant history podcasts. To me, it's the greatest invention since the Wheel.

    I;ve never heard of Florence and the Machines, do you recommend? I love Welcome to the machine... but that's by a different group

  2. Here's the link Sue,
    Hope you like it x

  3. Thinking is both the bane of my life and something I enjoy considerably. However, it would be rather nice to have an off switch, just now and again.

    A flat stick. I realise now where I have been going wrong all these years.

    :-) P

  4. Here's a link you might find interesting Pixie,
    He is VERY positive, I might well have to use the stick on him at some point :-)

  5. Thank you, Spanner. I missed this earlier. I shall venture over and see what this man has got to say for himself, and then beat him with a stick. ;-) P