Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Day 9

Well today hasn't been that successful. I've not been able to get very far with my "to do" lists and I haven't got much else done today either.
That said if I step back I can see a pattern emerging. Firstly this latest "surfacing" from a depressive bout is I imagine much like the others. Feeling a bit better and making promises to myself not to let it happen again and lots of positive thoughts about the future. The only difference is there's a lot more written down this time and consequently I have tangible evidence that the practical side isn't keeping up with the theory.
So what to do? firstly don't pull the list together until first thing in the morning. Make notes and list things to do but wait till the "last minute" to prioritise. Another benefit of this would be I'll have to get up abit earlier to have a little peace and quiet to put the thing together. Once done there's nothing (several hours of sleep, for instance) between completing it and making a start on it.
So lets see what tomorrow brings. Onwards and upwards :-)

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