Saturday, 24 April 2010

Days 12&13

Right, I've decided to change the format slightly. instead of just listing how me and my day went, I'm going to lump the weekends into one and use them as a revue of the week.
I've had a problem this week with the way I compile my "to do" lists. Things are going on there that are not that important or that time consuming. Also I'm adding things that were not necessary list material just going on there to bulk it up. So now I have a rough list of things to do, which I put in to order, on the day. I now also have a side list, which contains things like who to phone, bill etc.
Last night I listed a few things I'd like to complete in May and tonight I'll do the same for next week. Although the lists are helping me deal with things on a daily basis and keeping the despair away I need to start looking further forward. It's the long term plans that will get me out of this and start producing successful results.
One big plus point as I look back over this blog is, there is little mention of my fragile feelings. I'm focusing on things I need to do (and obsessing slightly on my lists lol) which can only be a good thing.
As always O&U :-)

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