Monday, 19 April 2010


Well this will be short and sweet as time is flying by and I'm not getting much done for the effort being put in. I'm finding that I'm adding to my list, things I've done but we're not on the original list (bit like false accounting). So no more cheating, stick to the original list and if you don't finish it all then it can be added to another day. One other thing I've discovered today is, I don't like not being in control of what I'm doing. On Mondays I am "on call" for a large company covering most of NW and SW London. Some Mondays nothing happens, others you're all over the place. Details you're given are incomplete or wrong. You'll drive all the way into central London do the job drive all the way back then they'll call to ask if you're still there.

"No, I phoned you back and closed the job."

"Oh can you go back back we have another just round the corner from that."

That said, they pay you from the moment they call ,till the moment you get back. So why am I moaning? There, that's two more things I've discovered about me. "Short and sweet" will be anything but that and I'm a moaner. Onwards and upwards :-)

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