Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Day 1..

So my blogging journey starts right here, at 12:22 pm on a bright sunny day. A good omen? well maybe but I'm hoping the typed content is what drives me forward and not the vagaries of the British weather (then I really would be in trouble). There's a growing list of links, to pages I've been to and have got something from. I'm already a week into taking a magnesium food supplement, a couple of days into list making and last night I wrote out a "personal mission statement". More about all of that in the coming days.
That's it for now (I need to get to grips with the blog layout and how things work). However the promise I'm making (to me), here and now is to type something everyday and to move forward everyday, albeit a hand full of letters and a few steps but forward none the less.

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