Sunday, 11 September 2011

A little too forgiving!

I'm freeing myself up from the past at the moment but in doing so am being a bit too lenient. The whole idea is to free up my thoughts from my faults and thereby just concentrating on the positives. With the intention of propelling myself forwards. However I'm excusing myself from anything I don't want to do. It's early days so I'm not about to fill my shoes with tiny sharp stones and beat my body with thorny branches but the clocks ticking.

The weekends almost upon us and I have a few days of MissG to myself. She's taking care of things from Friday evening through to Sunday lunchtime then it's my turn to look after her till Tuesday morning. I have nothing planned, except a trip to watch Fulham play on Sunday afternoon. She's not a big sports fan with the exception of Rugby, which she knows next to nothing about but just likes watch men with big thighs chasing each other around and trying to inflict as much pain on each other as possible. I guess it the male equivalent of men watching women mud wrestling. As soon as I feel confident enough with our relationship I might accuse her of being a sexist pig. Making sure there are no breakables or sharp objects within easy reach and at least two escape routes and somewhere to overnight if things go badly.

Yesterday she planned a day of surprises for me. It started with a quick detour to work, where someone needed some keys. it was nice to see where she works and some of the people she works with. now I know a few names, so can ask about so and so. Understanding what we do at work is to me, an important part of getting to know someone.

Anyway back to my mystery day out. We drove down to Chartwell, Winston Churchill's home from the early 1920's till his death. I'm a bit of a Winston fan. Put aside how he galvanised the country in it's darkest hour. He did so much with his life. Was a solider during the Boar War, wrote many books, painted and built things. He joined the Bricklayers Union after there was a "minor outcry" about a picture of him building a wall at Chartwell. A future Conservative Prime minister and a union member?
It's a wonderfully calm house, I can understand why he was so happy there. The gardens are beautiful too.
Then on to Quebec House the home of Major General James Wolfe (1727-1759) He beat the French at the battle of Quebec which ultimately lead to the French losing control of Canada. Which I guess is one of the reasons they loath us soooo much. It's much smaller and older but I learned several things I didn't know. Chiefly when I order coffee and ask MissG whether she wants a slice of cake and she answers "no." That doesn't mean she doesn't want cake, it just means she's going to eat most of mine. A Mars and Venus moment :-)
Then on to our favorite pub, where she brought me supper  

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :-)

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