Friday, 15 April 2011

Day 379. A move in the right direction.

Yesterday wasn't brilliant mood wise and I felt a little let down by somebody. Which I'll come back to.

Work wise today went well. Pressure tested heating pipes and so far things have held up ok. I'll pop back tomorrow and check all is ok. Then I'll up the pressure a little and see how it copes with that. I hate pressure testing. If it goes wrong it's a lot of fiddly work to correct and a bit of a blow to the ego.

Lets go back to being "let down". Yesterday things went badly (my long term prospects are good but my short term ones veer from bad to worse) and my money situation is dire. Anyway I needed a friendly voice, so I texted MissG and asked her what she was doing (she's off work) as I needed someone to talk to. I needed to hear a familiar voice. I needed some support. She replied she was watching something on TV and would call back shortly (2 hours later). Am I being too sensitive? too clingy? I would of called back! So now I'm left to mull this over and ponder.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :~)

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