Sunday, 17 April 2011

Days 380 and 381. The weekend review.

This week has found me tougher and less likely to believe or trust what people say. I don't think it's me becoming anything over than gaining some respect for myself and not excepting people taking me for granted.

This week has also found me at a very low despairing point. I haven't felt this low in a long time but I did recognize it for what was. A problem with very few options and a very short time scale. However I think I have covered the bulk of the problem for the moment.

On a more personal level I felt a little let down this week but have tackled that as well. I talked it through with MissG, without the usual feeling of I'm right your wrong. It didn't go all my way but there will be more opportunities to visit this again in the future. As I said earlier I have a growing respect for myself so won't let things get out of hand.

The weekend has gone well and the sun's shining so a good end and hopefully a bright start to next.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness. 

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