Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Day 398. Lets start dreaming.

I tend to look over the last posts, so I don't repeat myself and I have to say this is a pretty boring blog. It's bad enough having to face up to my own depression. The idea that I'm sending you all over the edge with my whinning has prompted me to try and be abit more cheerful and positive this evening.

Where to start? this morning before I left for work I cut the grass. My tiny garden won't win any awards at the moment but with the weather improving and a table and chair, it will make a nice place to sit and drink my coffee before I start my day flooding peoples kitchens and bathrooms. There are few plants but the birds seem to like it. So I shall try and spend a bit of time with them.

I have a few long term dreams but nothing short term? I wonder if that's the norm for people who are fed up?

So I need to get a short term goal. It will be the garden and the goal will be to get some furniture and plants cheaply. I have four weeks before summer starts. Being England I better include an umbrella to cope with the summer showers, ever present here when the sun threatens to come out.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :~)

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