Saturday, 14 May 2011

Days 408&409. The weekend review.

I'm creeping back into some bad habits. I'm "on call" this weekend but need to get some bits done at the big job in Kingston and a bathroom locally. Instead of putting a few hours in and getting on with it I did an hour at one and not much more at the other. In my defence I'm tired, it's been a long week and I need some rest. However it's counter productive and I need to cut it out.
Well this week saw my beloved old Saab taken away along with all the happy memories attached to it. My family life of 25 years seems to be in the past now and almost someone else's and not mine.
The week started badly but it had a positive effect on me. Changing my attitude towards clients, work and me. From Tuesday I woke up feeling positive and that has lasted the week. I need to keep that up as obviously people respond better to someone with a smile.
This weekends picture is of, the love padlocks on the railings of the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris. You lock your padlock onto the railings and then toss the keys into the Seine river below. There by symbolizing your eternal love for your partner. What a nice idea and a nice up beat way to end the review. I hope you all have good weekends.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :~)

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