Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Day 426. Planing a holiday!

Well not quite a holiday, I'm going to spend abit of time at my little ruin in the middle of Brittany. The grass will need to be cut, it's usually over a metre high but as I haven't been over for a couple of years I guess it will be forest like this time round. I also need to do some work on the roof  MissG and I picked some dates a while ago. Now I need to book the ferry and find the money to live while we're down there. so I need to come up with a plan!

The other thing I need to do is come up with my mantra. I thought it would be easy but I'm struggling to come up with something short and to the point! I shall forgo counting sheep tonight and and use the time to come up with something.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happiness :~)

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