Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Day 453. I gave up today.

Came back this morning from a couple of days down with MissG. It was good to be somewhere else and forget about things. However once back here to an empty bank account and several pressing bills and I gave in. I haven't moved from the sofa all day and the phone is on silent.

It's the first time I've done this in a long while. I'm not proud of myself. Over the last few months all I've thought about is working. Trying to get it, getting paid and keeping the "wolf from the door". It became apparent that this wasn't helping me in other area's of my life and I needed to switch off and live in the moment with family and friends. This has given me a real boost and my energy levels have risen but today!
Well the come down from a couple of days, where I felt safe and loved was just too steep. So I faltered.

Do you believe in God? I would have to say, hand on heart, I'm not the most religious of people but there have been a few times over the last couple of months when events took a surprise turn for the best. As if someone was looking out for me. So most days I look skywards and say thank you. Why have I chosen to mention this? Well I flicked on the TV about twenty minutes ago and what came on. "The Pursuit of Happyness". Something to remind me not to give up but to keep plugging away.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :~)


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