Saturday, 19 November 2011

Another day, another realisation.

I'm all moved in at my friends. While moving, well actually while driving between old and new homes. I began to think about my dreams for the future. One of my big problems in the past was living in the future, so I could avoid the unhappiness of the present. I've lived in the present now for some time. It's allowed me to see things clearly, see the wood from the trees. So recently I began to think about the future a little and found I was starting to fall into the trap of thinking that "if you believe enough it will happen." It didn't feel right and it started to feel like "old" me thinking.
I get a little email, every morning. Word of the Day. It's something MissG past on to me. I mentioned it in "Belief" 22/9/11. So today's WotD talked about "faith and fantasy." Basically, thinking it's going to happen just doesn't cut it. Shallow men believe in luck, strong men believe in cause and effect. I always find it a boost, a lift, to have found something that really makes a lot of sense and more importantly fits my particular predicament. I'm off to make the coffee and will ditch my shallow man persona and see if I can find a strong man suit in the wardrobe, to slip into for the rest of my day (life).

Another weekend is upon us and I wish you all well. Do something special.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :-)


  1. Your writing style definitely feels different to how it used to be: Jaunty; confident; layered. Good reading for me spanner, cheers to you.

  2. What you after Med? I'm broke, so it's not money and it's not my body. I feel a plumbing question coming on :-)
    How are you and yours? All well I hope and how's business down on the South Coast? looking forward to reading something of yours soon.
    Be lucky, Spanner.