Friday, 11 November 2011

Friday night's view of the last week.

So it's been a pretty awful week. not much work, customers who want the work done asap but won't return my calls when it comes to paying. The annoying thing for me is one is a customer I've done a lot of work for in the past. I now have a small list of previous customers I won't work for again (she's on that list now). I'm changing the way I approach my work and it's become apparent that it's not just me that needs to improve. Even in my current dire financial circumstances I think I would be happier having a day off than spending time and money chasing bad debt. If I step back and look at the bigger picture it's also me having more respect for my skills and talents. More respect for me as a person. It's an odd discovery, that even when things are not going well there are moments when something which doesn't appear that important happens which in fact is key to my future.

That said my spirits are high. Others face this all the time and get on with it. So can I. I'll keep moving forwards and upwards and pick my fights better. With Promoters who don't rush out with the money before the end.

This week the boxer Joe Frazier died. I remember when I was a kid the Frazier-Ali fights were a must watch. Ali was the first modern sportsman handsome, never modest about his talents, which he had in abundance and admired and hated in equal measure. Frazier on the other hand was ugly and brutal. I liked them both. It's always a shame when sportsmen, singers and actors from your childhood pass away but for me the saddest is losing the boxers. I'm not a massive fight fan by any means but they always seem to come from improvised backgrounds with poor education, will continue to fight when all is lost and end their careers broke physically and financial. Strong men who achieve success (both Frazier and Ali won Olympic Gold Medals and both were World Champions) but never seem to hold on to it, while others profit from them.

I wish you all a good weekend. Do something special.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :-)

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