Sunday, 20 November 2011

Another day, another list.

Once again I'm restarting my list making. It's nothing obsessive. Just a list of five or six things I'd like to do today. Finish a job, type a begging letter, shot the next driver who breaks some law of the road that only I know about (wearing a hat while driving and not being in gear when the lights change are two that spring to mind).
Lists are pretty useful things and not for the obvious reasons you may think. For me, a list that's completed says "Well done Spanner, you've achieved today." Also I have very little self control and can find numerous reasons to do nothing. So while I'm growing a backbone and taking charge of me, the "list" does the job temporarily.

I've started and stopped (apathy not choice) list making numerous times over the last 18 months. I mention this with no great sense of pride but just a public notice to say, I don't care how many times I try and fail I'll try again and again. That goes for a number of things until I get a life that better reflects who I am (witty, charming, bald plumber) who in their right minds could resist such a package.

Ok that's number 1 on my list I can cross off.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :-)

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