Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tuesday morning.

Good morning, I'm stuck at MissG's as my poor van is sick. The water pump needs changing but I can't afford to buy a new one. Plus I'm supposed to move out of my flat today and then I'm on call tomorrow at 6am. So as soon as this is posted I'm going to put the van back together. My friend and mechanic has given me a little tip to hopefully achieve a temporary fix which will allow me to move and get through the next few days. I'll get a secondhand water pump and an oil cooler off Ebay then do the proper fix next week. I have to say I hate working on cars and vans but have had to over the last few years. There is a plus though. I know and can do alot more now than I did.

So I'm a bit low but then most people would in my position today. I think I can get the temporary repair to work and I will pull things round. Is there anything positive in misery. Well I can think of two things. The challenge it offers you, to beat it and live not just a happier life but one designed by you. Also, the ability to see pain in others and the skill of finding the right words to say, borne out of your own experience. There's little point in wishing that things hadn't worked out this way and lots to be gained from embracing it and working with it. It's my mess or to put it in a more positive light. My opportunity to show myself how special I can be.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :-)

Ps The temporary fix didn't work but I've managed to pick up the spares  and am about to try and fix the thing.

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