Saturday, 12 June 2010

Day 63 Breakdowns and heartache

The good news is the breakdown was suffered by my ageing laptop. Unfortunately the heartache is all mine but more of that later.
Because the laptop gave up I've been forced upstairs, to our little office space and the equally ancient computer that sits there covered in dust between the printer/fax and the wireless router. It's all a bit of a mess up here, a bit like me. So maybe I need to spend my weekend tidying up. As it's another weekend on call I can't really do much else.
So once again fate seems to be putting things in front of me, hoping this time the light in my head will switch on and a minor eureka moment will take place.
So you've managed to read on up to here. So I guess you're only really interested in the heartache. Well I'm in a newish relationship with someone I knew many years ago. Unfortunately their previous entanglements were not easy going. Whilst mine produced two great kids it has been a pretty passionless affair. So we're both coming out of unhappy periods and I guess i thought it would be good to have someone along for the ride as I get through things. I can almost hear you screaming at your screens, not a good idea um. Well your right, it's already drifting into a semi tit for tat pairing. So we've taken a step back till we are both more stable and able to act like adults.
Do you like the new background better than the old inky blue? plus there's a faint map thing going on. Maybe a metaphor for the future haha.
Onwards and upwards my phantom readers :-)

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