Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Day 68

Apologies for the lack of posts but have now got the new laptop up and running. So my aimless twaddle is set to continue.
In about an hour, I'm off for the blood tests and in about an hour and five minutes I'll be stuffing my face.
The last few days have gone reasonable well. Overall I'm feeling pretty upbeat but there are some very difficult times ahead. With some difficult personal issues to overcome in the next few weeks and months. So I need to be on top form in all departments to be able to deal with it all.
I'm finding it pretty easy now to go to the gym. Rarely do I find excuses not to go and even if I think I'll just do twenty minutes I find I'll do more once I'm there.
My diet is improving as well. I'm avoiding the rubbish and not only eating the good stuff but enjoying it as well. So there is tangible evidence of my improvement.
Well until next time my phantom friends onwards and upwards :-)

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