Saturday, 19 June 2010

Days 71&72 The weekend supplement.

This weekend, I'm going to record the ups and downs in a bit more detail. I'm also doing some searching on the net and will read through all the previous stuff to maybe highlight what's going on.
Not a great start to the day. Up, dressed and fed but little else. I'm supposed to be going to a job with a leaking loo, something I fitted a while ago. And there may lie my problem. As you know the gym is proving to be a bit of a magnet at the moment due to the fact that I'm beginning to see the results. Where as work isn't showing any positive results. So lack of interest followed by lack of earnings etc etc. I need to brake that cycle don't I. OK I'll finish this coffee and go and sort this then come back and list whats left to do and work through that first and let the gym thing work its magic on the work thing.

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