Saturday, 5 March 2011

Day 337. A very full day.

It was a busy day yesterday. I feel asleep on the sofa when I got home. So hence I'm a day late with the posting.
Van still broken and once I've finished this I'm out to see if I can fix it. So off to work on the bike. Some fifteen hours after getting home I still feel a bit sore. The words "made in China" are probably imprinted on my bum .
I apologized to the guy at work who's organizing the job. He's a big old bruiser, so I was expecting a bit of a tongue lashing but he said don't worry about it. Which was a nice surprise and helped the day roll on.
 I was last out of the building. So had to turn everything off. It was strange as the place is full of builders shouting up or down the stairs and the guy whose controlling the job is usually balling some one out but with everyone gone the only noise was the several radio's dotted around the place. So I could hear all kinds of music and chat around the house and as I pulled the plugs one by one it became quieter and quieter until the place was silent.

OK Friday night is "The plus side of being Depressed". Do any of you remember those slogans found on cards and little girls nighties "Love is never having to say sorry" and stuff like that?

Well I think it's time we had our own range of slogans on T Shirts (feel free to email me with your suggestions)


Onwards and upwards :~)

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