Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Day 334. Still failing but not a failure.

I had another bad day. Fueled by my poor old van breaking down last night. I could of got up and got it sorted instead I gave into apathy. Another wasted day, more pressure added. I have no answers. I know these attacks of apathy are causing me most of my problems at the moment. Is there something that triggers the apathy. Do I know what it is? If I do maybe it needs a bit more time to rise to the surface. Maybe I need to be a bit more secure before I face up to it. I think being in a low state at present isn't the best time to face something I could of been avoiding for years. In the short term I need to do all the things I have been, early nights, keeping the flat straight and leaving on time and build from there.

As I said in the title. I failed today but I'm not a failure.

Not to end on a downer. Welcome to my new Tuesday closer "Weird things on eBay." The contents of someones desk draw?

Tomorrow is "Stuff on the web." Onwards and Upwards :~)

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