Monday, 7 March 2011

Day 340. Maps and mountains..

The van is fixed and I'm feeling very smug. No mechanics bills and a new bit of knowledge acquired. I shall temper my smugness because in truth I could of fixed it quicker. What I will carry forward is the knowledge that I can take on a problem and get a positive result from it. I'm tempted to write the things I do well or in the face of adversity and read them out to myself every morning.
Why mountains and maps? Well I had a bad couple of days last week and feel I went backwards. It occurred to me that when people climb mountains it isn't always straight up. They go across the mountain to find better routes and sometimes come down when a route proves too tough. When you're planning a trip, you may well pick a longer route because it's easier or quicker. So "maps and mountains" will be what springs to mind when things are a little tough going.

It's Monday so it's "Star of the Day". Seeing as I mentioned Mountains earlier, my choice today is Sherpa Tenzing. The man who accompanied Edmund Hilary on their assent of Mount Everest way back in 1953. I remember as a child being told of the man that conquered Everest, Edmund Hilary. I must of been 7 or 8 and it struck me then, that if Tenzing got there with him it was a joint effort. They both deserved the praise. I think it would of been the first time I became aware that it was your ability and not your privileges that counted. Trouble is as I get older I get more cynical I wonder. "is that's true."
Onwards and upwards :~)

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