Friday, 11 March 2011

Day 344. Multi tasking.

Well if watching TV, drinking tea and typing today's blog qualifies. Then I'm multi tasking :-) . Missed yesterdays edition as got home late. I guess the more my life moves in the direction I'd like to go the less time I'll have to ponder on my thoughts. I hope that's a good thing.

Today went well. Got up, left the flat tidy got into work and was ready to work on time. The one thing I'm conscious of is my lack of will power. So did a little searching and found a few interesting articles. I'll add it to the "maybe of interest" section, in the bottom right of the blog.

The weekend will be interesting. I'm on call till Sunday evening. MissG is coming over Saturday evening and it's my birthday Sunday. Number one daughter is coming over on Sunday afternoon and a couple of friends will join us in the evening. So a full weekend.

Ok it's Friday night. So it's the "plus side of being depressed."  Our miserable outlook on life makes us perfect mourners for funerals. We'd be ideal fans for Wolverhampton Wanders (I'll think up a couple more later but need to get to bed).

Onwards and upwards :~)


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