Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Days 345 and 346. Weekend review.

This week has been the first week for a while when I've missed days or I haven't had the time to write enough content. This isn't because I'm bored with it. On the contrary. The blog has been instrumental in putting me back on the road to a happier more fulfilled life.

It's been a busy week. Catching up after the van's illness and planning for my birthday this weekend.

It's funny how I seem to be being drip fed help and advice from an invisible source. As I get a little stronger a little wiser another problem or setback comes along. Then the funny thing happens and from out of nowhere the answer appears.

This week it was "will power" I realised I don't have it and went in search of the answer. Like all my previous web crawls the answer was simple. You start at the bottom and you set a simple task. Just so I got the message. When I turned on the TV, what film was playing but "The pursuit of happiness" It's based on the true story of Chris Gardner. Now if Will Power had legs and a mouth it would run up to you and say "Hi I'm Chris Gardner," Nothing stopped him or broke him.

I had a great birthday. Miss G made me breakfast. My daughters made me a cake and Mum turned up for tea. Later two old friends came round for supper (which I cooked) we drank wine and talked a lot. About the past and the future. It was a simple but really wonderful day.

Onwards and upwards :~)     

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