Monday, 28 February 2011

Day 333. Not my most productive day!

Well I've wasted most of Monday. So that puts the pressure on for the rest of the week. On the plus side I'll spend the evening planing the week ahead and get to bed early. I'm on call but if I'm lucky it may stay quite.
I'll make sure the flat's tidy before I turn in so they'll be no excuses for a slow getaway in the morning.

Monday is "Star of the Day" day. Over the weekend I was planning my summer holiday. Yes I know I'm broke but you've got to have a goal. Anyway MissG has never been to Giverny. The home of the French artist Monet. I've been before, that's where I took yesterdays picture. So I looked him up and found this

" At the beginning of May 1883, Monet and his large family rented a house and 2 acres (8,100 m2) from a local landowner. The house was situated near the main road between the towns of Vernon and Gasny at Giverny. -The family worked and built up the gardens and Monet's fortunes began to change for the better as his dealer Paul Durand-Ruel had increasing success in selling his paintings. By November 1890, Monet was prosperous enough to buy the house, the surrounding buildings and the land for his gardens."

So he rented the house for seven years before things got better. He was fifty by then. He spent a further thirty six years living and painting there before he died. I have to say it's lifted my spirits, knowing he kept at it for all those years in his forties until things improved.

The Wiki entry is pretty good and worth a visit.

Onwards and upwards :~)

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