Thursday, 17 February 2011

Day 321. I'll start again.

Well I trimmed "9 things I must do" to "3 things I must do" and my daily list has shrunk to three as well (although it does get amended as the day goes on) I went to bed early (well for me) got up early and  completed the first two things on the must do and when I sign off tonight that will be all three.

I started the day with green tea and lemon and will watch what I eat. I shall buy some "St Johns Wort" tabs on the way home and try and get as much vitamin B into my diet as I can. So fingers crossed with the new diet.

I'm trying to keep my brain occupied and not allowing it to wonder and start thinking "where did it all went wrong"  :~)

It's occurred to me that I have this child like view of the blues. One day I shall awake, the Sun will be shining, birds singing, the smell of coffee will fill my nostrils and I will be happy for ever more. So today I took myself to one side and explained that things won't change over night and I'm just going to have to keep my head down and tough it out.

My daily entries are getting abit dull. I need to start earlier in the evening and maybe have more of a structure to this piece.


Just made it again. Onwards and upwards :~)

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