Sunday, 27 February 2011

Day 330. A day late I'm sorry.

Apologises for missing Fridays blog. I had a good full day at work. Then needed to rush home do some shopping on the way, have a tidy up and put some food on. Then await the arrival of MissG. We had a good evening together and had a really lazy day on Saturday until she left around 5 to meet up with her sisters.

Being busy  keeps my mind off worrying about things but I'd be lying if I said it stays away completely. Then again I feel more positive. I'm starting to get my priorities in the right order and taking setbacks more in my stride.

OK enough. Time to take a look at things in a very lighthearted way. Friday nights are now designated as "The Joys of Depression"

You're at a party and even in your low state you're having an ok time. So imagine what an absolutely brilliant time all your mates are having around you. You may well be off the drink as well. Seeing as to how it makes you all maudlin and miserable. So you're probably the designated driver to boot. Your mates will have had a blinding time at the party get driven home and helped up the steps to their front door! Now who wouldn't want a depressive as a friend :~)

Onwards and upwards :~)

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