Friday, 4 February 2011

Day 308. I'll try and do better

Well yesterdays post was a bit thin! sorry about that. I'm feeling a bit more tappy (a mix of chatty and typing) tonight.

So first things first. How did the day go? got to the site on time put in a good shift. Then went on to a colleagues and did a couple of hours work there. Brought fish and chips on the way home as I was tired and couldn't face cooking. Sitting here now and typing away in my pyjama's (Sorry to shatter your illusions. There you were thinking "I bet that big hunk sleeps naked" go on admit it) and a large cup of tea keeping me company.

Phoned a creditor today to own up to not being able to pay. So just one more to deal with and I'll be morally straight with everyone. Still in debt mind you but able to answer the phone and my post. Now that will be something I haven't been able to do for a while.

So enough of the day to day stuff. What have I been thinking about ? well I've been thinking how lonely I am. Not in a bad or self centred way. Just that I feel lonely. I want someone here. Someone to talk about how our days went or argue about who drunk all the milk and whose turn is it to do the washing up. Now while thinking these thoughts the song "Nature Boy" the George Benson version was going thought my head, I don't know why. So I've looked it up and found my Star man for today.

Eden Ahbez     (1908-1995).

Eden was an American songwriter. He was prompted to show his song "Nature Boy" to Nat Kings Cole manager. It went to number 1 for 10 weeks in 1948 .  Eden was abit  of a hippy and lived rough for many years under one of the "L"s in the Hollywood sign up in the Hollywood Hills. He claimed to live on $3 a week (which is about twice as much as me at the moment). Anyway I've done all the hard work. Just follow the link and read it for yourself.

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