Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Day 313. Still feeling cheerful.

Today has been much like yesterday. My drive seems to be returning. The distinction between work and play is continuing to grow and grow separately. Small bits of work are creeping in and I'm starting to plan when and how to tackle it. My "to do" lists are starting to be an aid to me and not something that hangs over me. The friendship and support of those close to me is also taking on more significance to me. Am I listening more carefully, or is what they are saying different. Do they see changes in me? whatever it is. I'm beginning to realize how important it is and as big and ugly as I am I need their support.

But please don't think it's all been plain sailing. After all, this is a blog about depression, pain, misery and self doubt. Why else are you reading :~)  So I went home this evening or rather back to my old home to help my ex deal with a mouse. I'm beginning to feel like a repair man. She texts me whenever something is wrong. It's like still being married but without the meals and bad sex. I can see how I used to suck up her unhappiness and that lead to mine. I'm not doing it anymore I'm sorry if this makes me sound uncaring or mean but there you go.

I've been busy trying to think of a Star of the Day and looked a couple up but nothing inspires me and that's what they are supposed to do. So for a change today's Star is you! What would you write about yourself, there's no rush, take your time or better still ask people what they would say about you!

Onwards and upwards :~)

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