Saturday, 12 February 2011

Day 316. A busy day, TGIF

I feel really lonely at the moment. There's nobody on FB and the kids haven't been in contact all week I say this not for you to feel sorry for me. Just as a matter of fact. It's very quite outside and I could be the only person left in the World.

The upshot of these feelings is some (to me) clear thinking. It occurred to me today that my moods and feelings may not be connected. Waking up feeling crap may be more to do with going to bed far too late than being "depressed". Feeling alone may be more to do with me withdrawing from the world rather than the World forgetting about me. OK it's not that cut and dried but it would explain alot.

I think for the next week I'll try and think what am I not doing. Rather than what has the World not done.

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