Thursday, 17 February 2011

Day 322. I've been soooo good.

How sickening, you tune in to read of misery and pain. Only to find yours truly all positive and smiling. Don't worry it probably won't last. Maybe as a way of giving this blog a bit of a lift I could run a "when do you think it will end" sweep-stake down the right hand side?

Anyway back to the mundane stuff. Woke just before 6 and listened to 20 minutes of French. I can now say "where would you like to eat tonight" and "it's not a problem like that" I can see the first phrase being useful but unless I fall for a sex mad female contortionist, where am I going to use the latter? Got up made the hot water with lemon slice and drank this, while I made my packed lunch and porridge. Took the vit B and St Johns Wort tabs both washed down with green tea. If I was reading this I'd close the page about now. Fear not my cyberspace chums. As a reward for all this sickeningly sensible living I've promised myself Coffee  and toast with peanut butter on Sunday morning. 

Work went well and looking forward to tomorrow. Popped in to see the ex and help her do a couple of things. Then next door to see my old neighbour. Who's been rather ill lately but is on the mend now. Then home and switched briefly into domestic Goddess mode. Washing machine on and made soup and a Sheppard's pie. Before you throw your computer out of the window in disgust at my rapid conversion into a wet lettuce I should say the Sheppard's pie was awful but I was so hungry I ate it all . With luck my soup may be rubbish to and I'll be back to my old sobbing self.

Till then. Onwards and upwards :~)   

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