Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Day 327. The mountains aren't as high and the valleys not so deep.

Finished my weekend on call this morning. It's been a busy and tiring weekend but two thoughts occurred to me this morning.

Firstly. I need to put myself at the front of the queue, put my interests first. If I'm going to get myself to a better happier place then I have to. I spend plenty of my thinking time dithering. If this happens, if I can do this, if only that happens. Which benefits no one, least of all me. Accepting that my current situation won't change for the foreseeable future is a good solid start and  was probably the first grown up thing I've done in a while. It will help iron out the ups and downs along the way in the near future.

Secondly. Today the valleys, home of despair. Don't look so deep and the mountains full of successes and hopes don't appear so high. Or to be honest, worth dwelling in for the moment. Best I move along the road as quickly as possible and find more things to write about.

Onwards and upwards :~)

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