Sunday, 6 February 2011

Days 310 and 311. The weekend review.

So this week I managed to get myself to work early well early-ish. So hopefully I'll carry that through next week. I came across the "28 days to change a habit" thing (more on that in a minute) and I've rediscovered the difference between work and pleasure.

OK back to the 28 day thing. I've managed to write this blog for just over 28 consecutive days. Before that it was a bit hit or miss. So I guess this is now a good, well formed  habit. I'm going to try a few things over the coming weeks to see if the 28 day thing works for me.

To start this I'm going to get up each morning and start the day with 20 minutes of French and a mug of hot water and lemon. The French I've been trying to listen to for several weeks now but if I'm running late that gets missed out. The hot water and lemon is a good detox for the kidneys and skin. So if I'm lucky by the 6th of March I should have skin like Taylor Swift and enough French to reduce MissG to a blubbering mess during my attempts at seduction :~)

I was hoping to include a picture of Mrs Richardson, the lady who helped me to read, today but couldn't find it. I promise to dig it out this week and update this page, when I do.

As per my entry on Days 303 and 304, I managed to get a Kipling book "The Days Work", published in 1915 so it's almost an antique and a Daniel Auteuill DVD both including postage for £4.07  

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