Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Day 328. Getting bogged down.

Today started well. listened to my French tape while I sipped the hot water and lemon. Left the flat clean and tidy and had a pretty solid day at work.

I'm overdrawn at the Bank and have £1:19 in my pocket. So tea will be a hotchpotch of whatever I can find in the fridge. Hopefully a cheque I paid in late last week will clear by tomorrow as pretty low on petrol as well. I could do with loosing a pound or two but would prefer not to breakdown!
It's still pretty early, 7pm. I don't usually get to do the blog till much later. So tonight's an opportunity to get something done. Not sure what it will be but it will including reading abit of Kipling (days 303 and 304) and in bed by midnight hopefully.

I forgot to mention MissG came over on Sunday and brought me chocolates and flowers. The first flowers any one's ever brought me. Flowers, whether for a man or a woman are a wonderful little gift. They brighten up any space and if your lucky smell pretty nice as well.

I thought I'd finish each day with something different. So "Star of the Day" on Mondays. "Weird things on EBay" on Tuesdays. "Stuff on the Web" on Wednesdays. Not sure about Thursdays yet and Fridays will be "The Joys of Depression" a light hearted way to start the weekend.

So to kick things off,

Goodnight and as always Onwards and upwards :~)

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