Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Day 320. Hidding in bed.

Today I woke up and that's it really. I turned off the phone and stayed in bed till about four and just slept. Since then I have made various plans to do this and that but haven't . Around 8 o'clock I received an email from a friend which kind of changed things. She always manages to send a message when I'm feeling low and my replies are always humorous (well she thinks they are). So I made something simple to eat and reread the blog. As I said I would do a couple of days ago and am doing the best I can to get back on track.

The first thing I noticed was cycles. I go from positive to negative fairly regularly. The second was late nights. All my lows were connected to late nights or feeling low meant I didn't go to bed until it was far too late. Now wouldn't it be nice to think that late nights were responsible for my blues but hey that would be too easy. Then again if I had a drink problem hanging around bars wouldn't be a smart thing to do. Would it. So no more late nights. If I don't get things done by midnight then tough off to bed and start again tomorrow.

My "to do lists" and "9 things I must do" are too long. I'm going to cut these drastically till I can successfully carry them out. Once I've achieved that then I'll see if I want to add to it.

Diet. Whenever I go down hill my eating habits follow the same path. So I need to stick to something good and basic.

Following on from that, keeping life simple and not thinking too much might be good for me too. A while ago "Day 281" I came up with Desire and Completion. I have desires, to be successful, happy etc but lack something to get to completion. The missing word was application. Now if I go back to last weekends review and Churchill's quote "Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential." Which is similar and I'll begrudgingly accept that Churchill's words are far more powerful than mine but in my defence he did go to a good school. So for the foreseeable future I shall be keeping it simple.

Lastly wish me well please it won't cost you and you never know!

23: 56: 47 made it lol.

Onwards and upwards :~)

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