Saturday, 3 December 2011

Everybody's feeling down at the moment.

Seems like all the bloggers I follow are down at the moment or not posting (which is the same). Do you think our common misery has some how synced? What a nightmare. It's bad enough reading when one poor soul is down. Or worrying about someone who hasn't posted for a while. Let alone all of us being pi$$ed off.

In a couple of very important respects things have reached an all time low for me this morning. I'm absolutely, completely, totally, utterly, entirely, altogetherly (I know it's not a word but it should be) outright, wholly and totally not going to except it anymore. I've grown to like myself over the past year or so and now it's time to rely on me and nobody else. Not because others are unreliable but they have their own burdens and ways of going about life.One of you wrote recently that people who had only a little time to live, say what they think and feel. They don't dress it up anymore. Well I hope I've got more than a short time left but I'm joining their club. As time is precious however much of it is left. Today did feel like a kick in the stomach but there is a little light at the end of the tunnel. If my spirit was a flame it would, without doubt be flickering but it hasn't gone out. It has before but not today.

There's still lots of good things,  Bus rides, Guinness,  throwing a stick for a dog, Donuts, empty beaches, trying to understand drunk Scotsmen, and the Isley Brothers belting out "you know you make me wanna shout" *

What now? well I'm going to leave a few comments on some of those blogs I mentioned earlier. Then I'm out to find a dog who needs a stick thrown or find a pub, have a Guinness and listen to a drunken Scotsman.

Onwards and upwards in the pursuit of happyness :-)

Ps Forgot Cheese on toast and French films *


  1. Hello Spanner, I am new to your blog and have been catching up a bit. Yes, you are right. Everybody I am following is fed up right now or going off the rails. There is something in the air, I think. I'm taking a break for a while myself. I have nothing happy to say. The way it goes sometimes, so it seems. As you say, onwards, though upwards is a little temperamental right now! Nice reading your blog, anyway.

    Pixie :-)

  2. On the contrary Pixie, taking the time to post a comment has made me happy :-) thank you x

  3. Spanner- I will send you the Duncan Donuts- you send me the Guinness.

    I don't know any dogs, but I can play fetch with my cat.